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10 Advices to Get Over Difficulties

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We are accustomed to live in an era that everyone presumes by social networks a happiness and absolute perfection. I do not speak only of influencers or celebrities, I speak of the vast majority of users that we are connected with. While working in social networks I am not always the most present because for me there is a clear coherence factor in my life, I will not publish myself in networks smiling one day that I feel sad or at a time that I am not well. If I do it is to show my weakness (which I have done). For me the issue of consistency between what I do, I say, I think and feel is a respect I owe to me.

Last week God blessed us with having our first home of our own, but the way to get there has been a road, first of many years of work and even in the phase of purchase with the bank was a time of much stress that we lived for 2 months and then the day of closing took an unexpected turn and everything changed for the good of us the hour before signing the closing of the house.

Many times we walk through our life without valuing the bad things, or the difficult moments that we live, for me those moments are those that have taken me to grow more, to be more creative, to trust more in God and to see the power of God on my life. My networking project and content creation for women came from a time when I was rejected from several jobs because I did not have work experience in the USA, and today I work with big brands inside and outside the USA; Building a relationship of peace, communication and friendship with my husband as I have now was not gratuitous, I had to go through painful and difficult relationships not only to have the relationship I have but to understand many women that I helped through my Coaching sessions … And so on almost everything that has helped me to grow and be who I am today, are those moments that have shaken me to leave me at a better point.




I do not want to have a perfect life, I want to have a life of growth and learning and I know that the best changes in our lives come from the storm. Many sunny days dry the crops, they need rain to be able to bear fruit. This is how we are, we need to have difficulties to become better better, creating better opportunities, and seeing the power of God in our lives. But what to do with these difficulties? How to overcome them? I share what I do to live these moments:

  1. I never say: why me ?, instead I say: I don’t understand why this is happening to me but I know it has a purpose in my life.
  2. I do not deny the feeling that it generates me. I will not smile at everything when I am going through a difficulty, I accept what I feel and I allow myself to feel the emotion that this generates to me. However,  I do not stay there and give it power over my life.
  3. I pray, I pray a lot at all times. It helps me a lot to pray at 5 am and start my day knowing that despite what happens God has control.
  4. Singing Christian songs. Music will always be a way of expressing ourselves and connecting with our emotions and beliefs. When I am sad I do not hear sad songs but songs of love, to recognize the power of God over my life, and emotional healing.
  5. I breathe a lot. Many years ago I learned that we are energy and that we can transform our energy through internal conversation, thoughts and breathing. Living a difficult and sad moment should not take away my peace, and what I work most in times of difficulty is in maintaining my inner peace.
  6. I see what actions or decisions I can make, if I need help I look for it, do I have to walk away from someone? Do I have to let something go? I look for actions that help me get out of the difficulty.
  7. I do not seek advice on who can not help me, I do not tell my problems to everyone but the people I trust and only if they can help me.
  8. I don’t complain! I know that whatever happens in my life someone is going through something more painful than me, or something more difficult than I.
  9. I learn: I write what I can learn from what is happening to me, to trust God more, to choose better the people in my life? Be more disciplined?. Whatever it is never stop taking the opportunity  to learn something positive from your difficulty. You learn more from these moments than from when everything is always well.
  10. I thank, thanks to live what I am living because I know that this will make me better person, it will help me grow. Even if I do not understand what happens if God has control of my life, everything happens to me because there is a bigger plan.

We all have problems, what sets us apart is how we assume it. There are those who are put to the penalty and self destruct with their thoughts and emotions, and there are those who take advantage to make their life better. Remember that ordinary things do. To be the best version of yourself you can  have a flat and monotonous and perfect life all the time, you must go through the fire of life to be better

Carolina Ortiz
Carolina Ortiz
Soy comunicadora social, Life coach, maquilladora, esposa y mamá. Creo en la mujer como transformadora de la sociedad, por eso he creado este blog para darle herramientas en todas las áreas de su vida para asumir los retos con los que nos enfrentamos las mujeres de hoy, sentirnos empoderadas y ser una mejor versión de nosotras mismas.

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