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10 Declarations to Change your Life

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I believe in the power of words as generators of reality, it is not for nothing that we are the only beings that have developed so much our communication, the power to speak, to write and to transmit has crossed barriers that a few years ago had never been thought . When I was in Epcot ,one of the parks of Disney that I enjoyed the most with Disney social Media Moms. We were able to see one of the attractions which showed how from the creation of the language and of the press the world advanced by leaps and bounds and was thanks to the Words. By keeping track of the discoveries that had been made through language, people could take those advances as a starting point to learn more.

Words are power! And are a powerful tool to transform our lives, our relationships, reach our goals, build dreams and see the world in another way. What comes out of our mouths is full of energy and just as by saying something bad someone has the power to destroy their self-esteem, their way of seeing, even when we talk to ourselves in negativity it impacts our world.

In this process of building self-esteem and well-being, words play a vital role, saying them out loud, repeating them and speaking to us in love and healing makes us free, inspired, seeded with love for us and for Our relationships. Today I want to share some statements that empower me, connect me, heal me and raise me.

So I share them for you to tell them to yourself. When I need them I say them in the middle of prayer or meditation aloud and I do it 3 times a day. There is no maximum amount of days to do it because it depends on the process of each person but minimum are 7 days, being consistent in a commitment of personal improvement. And not all people should say all of them but those that they consider apply to their own life.

Here I leave these treasures that have changed my life and still continue to improve:

1: I love myself unconditionally and accept myself as I am, I accept my past and I am grateful to have lived what I lived, I love my body, I love my soul, I love my heart, I love my life.

2: I forgive myself for having hurt myself, I forgive myself for allowing others to hurt me, I forgive myself and I am free from guilt and I declare myself free from all pain.

3: I am intelligent, capable, talented, creative and declare that I have a purpose in my life, I renounce to unbelief in myself, and limit myself to reaching my goals. (You can list what limits: excuses, laziness …)

4: I am free and I love my freedom, I am responsible for my life, what I feel and what happens to me, I free myself from all bondage in my life from everything that prevents me from being happy and living in love.

5: I declare that I am a daughter of God and that things that eyes didn’t  see nor heard, are those that God has prepared for my life, I declare that my blessings come from the sky and they pour out on me.

6: I renounce rejection, criticism, and intolerance and declare that I am peace, wisdom, acceptance and love.

7: I appreciate everything that I am, what I achieved, I thank the people who have passed through my life and I thank what will come later for me.

8: I accept that I am not perfect and that I can not do everything, I free myself from burdens that do not belong to me and I surrender them to God.

9: I open my life to new opportunities, new people, new experiences. I close past cycles with people who are no longer in my heart or in my life.

10: I give my life to God, I surrender what I am, I feel, my dreams and projects and I trust that he has control of my life.

These liberation exercises are healers and gradually begin to change things in our minds and hearts, they teach us to speak with respect, to love us, to accept us, to let go, and to be free. I believe in the power of words and I believe they are one of the foundations for a better life, a healthy relationship with ourselves and with others.

I hope you have enjoyed this entry and that you can share it with the people who need it in their life.

Carolina Ortiz
Carolina Ortiz
Soy comunicadora social, Life coach, maquilladora, esposa y mamá. Creo en la mujer como transformadora de la sociedad, por eso he creado este blog para darle herramientas en todas las áreas de su vida para asumir los retos con los que nos enfrentamos las mujeres de hoy, sentirnos empoderadas y ser una mejor versión de nosotras mismas.

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