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How to re-touch your make up

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March 23, 2017

Today I want to share some useful tips to tweak your makeup during the day It is normal that as the hours pass the makeup is absorbed, runs, or changes. In addition to the external factors that influence the look of the makeup, our own skin and the fat that we generate can oxidize the makeup by changing its tone. That is why I want to share the best way to keep makeup fresh and beautiful.


The first thing that we need before touching up the makeup is an absorbent paper like those of Neutrogena, Tarte or palladium. They are blotting sheets that collect the excess fat from the skin. Even if you don’t use make up these little sheets will help keep your skin look matte and clean. If you can’t find them you can use a facial tissue. To use the tissues you must pass pressing your skin and make sure not to make windshield movements with the paper because you can ruin the makeup.

Doing this will not only help leave your skin matte but it will also help you when layering with other powders, making sure there are no patches on the face because all the skin will have the same texture. It will also help keep your makeup tools Free of fat and bacteria.

The next step is to use a little concealer on places that need skin color retouching like the sides of the nose, or if you have pimples or dark circles, just punctual corrections. Not in large areas.

Then seal with your compact powder all the skin. As for powders, if you have a lifestyle or live in a city where there is a lot of sun there are powders that have sun protection that will help you take care of your skin. For retouching, I recommend using a brush because the knobs pick up lots of bacteria and no one is washing their knobs or the makeup sponges that come with the powders. That is why the brush is more hygienic and also applies less product than the sponge.

A step that I find it very necessary to return the color to the skin is using a bronzer. Normally the powder makes the skin very pale, so to use a bronzer to return the color and give depth to our face is one of the steps that I like the most. Apply it trough the forehead, the temples, below the cheekbones, down to your jawline and the sides of the nose with a brush.

To correct the concealer of the eyes, if you see that they are dry and cracked you can use your eye contour cream and put it with soft taps. This will lighten and moisturize the area again making the makeup look fresh and beautiful.

Another step is the blush, after the powder, the blush is also important for our cheeks to look healthy and beautiful.

And to finish use the lipstick or gloss that you were using. Already with this, you are ready, with a fresh makeup to continue your day. This retouching routine should not take more than 3 minutes to make a big difference in our make-up.


Carolina Ortiz
Carolina Ortiz
Soy comunicadora social, Life coach, maquilladora, esposa y mamá. Creo en la mujer como transformadora de la sociedad, por eso he creado este blog para darle herramientas en todas las áreas de su vida para asumir los retos con los que nos enfrentamos las mujeres de hoy, sentirnos empoderadas y ser una mejor versión de nosotras mismas.

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