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About me

¡Welcome to my blog!

I'm very glad you're here and you can share with me this space specially designed for you.

As you know my name is Carolina, I am from Colombia but I live in Miami, I am a social communicator, Life coach and makeup artist. I, like many women today, have the challenge of being a professional, wife, friend, apprentice, housewife and developing myself in a thousand more roles every day, and doing everything just as well as if I only dedicated myself to one of these Things at the time.

From a very young age I have been in search of my personal growth, and I have found that the body, the spirit, the emotions and the intellect are a whole, and that in the development of the person you must work each of these elements. That is why it merged all the issues that are related to who we are.

I invite you to walk this path with me, looking for tools that help us to have a better well-being, to build our self-esteem, to improve relationships, to love us more and to have a better life.

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