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Cleaning the inner house!

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January 9, 2017
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January 22, 2017

We started the 2017 with all the energy, dreams and projects, but as we walk we feel nothing changes, only run the days of the calendar and the months and that energy bomb that we had on December 31 begins to decline, to be postponed to stabilize. And we feel that we only change the number of the year, but our life is the same. What can we do, how will we keep our gaze fixed on the goals?

A few weeks ago I shared that this I have called the year of my growth, and I want to grow in all areas of my life, but I realize that to grow and reach, we must clean, heal and prepare the land where we will water the seeds or Dreams that we want to grow this year. Thinking about growing up without thinking about forgiving, withdrawing, and renewing is thinking about falling in love without giving up your heart.

One of the ways I have found that I can renew my energy and keep it high and focused is by changing my inner conversation about my past. At the moment like you, I can not do anything to change what happened in my life but if there is something I can change so that it is not a weight and a sadness but a motivation: what I can change my past is the way As I see and interpret it. If you see your past from a position of victim, pain, negativity, sorrow, sadness (so have done that undoubtedly generate this, that we all have) will carry with you all emotions towards your future, towards future relationships that God is going to put in your life, be your partner, your children, friends …

As we can transform the look we have of our life and our past, well here I share very simple and efficient ways to clean the house of your heart:

1: Forgive yourself: forgive yourself for not having limits, for not having the resources to have acted differently, for not having sought help, for not seeing in time what was evident … and everything you feel you should forgive. I recommend you make a list of what you want to forgive and read it aloud and repeat it until you feel that your heart is already prepared.

2: Forgive people and circumstances. Let’s look at forgiveness as the detergent that cleans the emotional home. That magical ingredient that leaves everything sparkling, smelling delicious, disinfected and ready for a fresh start. Again write a list of what you must forgive and read it out loud and say I forgive.

3: Rewrite your story: I think there is no better therapy than pencil and paper. And when we do the exercise of writing our life from a look of love, joy, compassion for the people who hurt us or let us hurt ourselves we will know that our gaze changes. And instead of seeing ourselves as incapable, a result of our past pains, we will realize how capable and strong we have been. So let’s tell the story of the heroine of our life: yourself! Again, paper and pencil, forgiveness, compassion and positive energy.

4: Determination in taking what does not work. We think all the time about what we must cut, withdraw, renounce. How to do it? How to leave what we no longer want? Be a vice, a relationship, a behavior … we must first define why it is important for us to do it: is our personal peace at stake? Our happiness, our self-esteem, the well-being of the family? Make your list! Visualize your life with a positive look if you leave that which you do not like, what would your life be like? Well now and with time there is to have determination!

5: Do you need a push to do all of the above? Do not know if you can? Well then let me tell you about a friend who helps me, helps me, gives me strength, encourages me, shows me that I should take more, shows me how to see things with love. And it is always available to me, even when I do not need it: it is called the Holy Spirit. And although little is said about him, it is the most wonderful gift and strength that God has left us since Jesus came to be with us. He, beautiful, elegant, strong as none, and a fire that burns is the gasoline we need to make this year the year we want. How to search? Just call him! Tell him:

Holy Spirit, I need you today. Jesus called you the comforter, you are the promise that I am not alone on earth. You Holy Spirit are the person I love and need to know in my life. Fill me with you, show me the way, heal me and give me the courage to move towards the purpose you have for me. Holy Spirit I need you and I want to be flooded with your power and strength. I want you to be my friend, my light, and determination in my weakness. Come to me. Amen.

With these five steps you can clean your home interior and start the 2017 with your emotional vehicle at zero km! And ready to conquer and achieve everything you want!

Share this message if you know someone needs it and needs a push to start this year.

Carolina Ortiz
Carolina Ortiz
Soy comunicadora social, Life coach, maquilladora, esposa y mamá. Creo en la mujer como transformadora de la sociedad, por eso he creado este blog para darle herramientas en todas las áreas de su vida para asumir los retos con los que nos enfrentamos las mujeres de hoy, sentirnos empoderadas y ser una mejor versión de nosotras mismas.

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