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Make up for brown or darker skin.

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Many times in my social networks people ask me to make makeup tutorials for brown skin or darker skin. I am the one that I think there is no makeup for brown skin or white skin but is the  preparation of the skin that causes colors and shadows to Stand out, and in addition to the preparation there may be two people with white skin and that the shadows look completely different, because they have different colored eyes, because one has more yellow skin and the other more pink skin … In other words there is no standard of colors but in each person they can be seen well or not so well, depending on the person not their skin color only.

Today I share this makeup I did in Karen, my little sister in orange tones, with red and a sparkling champagne in the center of the lids. I love this colors because they are warm and youthful perfect for quinceañeras or young people who do not want dark tones in the eyes but keep the look fresh. And although they are warm they are not neutral so it is a way to change the makeup without being very thrown.

1: You must prepare the eyelids well with a concealer lighter than your skin color

2: Seal the concealer with a bone-colored shadow.

3: Apply a coral-colored shadow above the crease.

4: Go over with an orange shade darker and marks the crease, blend it a little with the color that we put before.

5: Choose an intense red shadow to mark the outer corner of the eyes

Optional is to use a dark brown color over the red without covering the red to mark a little more the look.

6: Finally moisten a brush and press it on an highlighter or a champagne shade and put it on the whole eyelid.



Carolina Ortiz
Carolina Ortiz
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