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My opinion on the gay scene of The Beauty and the Beast

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March 14, 2017
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March 21, 2017

Three years ago when I was 13 weeks pregnant we went to our son’s genetic screening appointment. I also had to have my blood drawn by order of the doctor to know if my baby came with any genetic condition such as down syndrome. My husband told me that he did not care if they did or not because whatever happened, he was our beloved treasure. I agreed I would have loved my son tin anyway and I would have fought for him even more if something was not right. I also remember the moment I first saw him on an ultrasound at 7 weeks, in the ER because I had a severe pain on one side of the belly. I cried when I was told in a wrong diagnosis that it could be an ectopic pregnancy, I cried in silence For the love that I had, not since my pregnancy but always! Ever since I was a girl, teenager, single … since I knew I wanted to be a mom and thought about my son, from that moment I loved him.

I knew that whatever my son was, I would love him, there are things that will happen, things that he will do that do not agree with what seems to me, but that will not change my love for him. I take care of the judgments I make of other people in front of him because I am aware that he is just writing his story and I want him to know that his parents will always accompany him! This I learned from one of my best friends who is gay, a spectacular person! And that by homophobic comments from his parents began to have a hidden life and away. although he lived with his mother, emotionally was very distant. their relationship was superficial. One day I told him that a mother would be more hurt from not to have a relationship with her son than a truth. I put myself in the place of his mother and I as a mother would prefer to know who my son is and I would accept and love him the same instead of having him away And fearful of me. The day he talked to his mom and told him, the two took off a weight from above, they hugged as never before and their relationship changed completely and they are best friends now. I recently saw him with his mom, which is going through a difficult health moment. He was wondering what he could do, I told him it: come to God. he asked me that if being gay he could seek God? I told him that all God needed was a willing heart.

I also remember the day I first saw a gay couple, I knew about homosexuality since I was little because in my house things have always been talked about! But I saw them when I was 8, I was in Washington getting to know the capital and museums with my parents, when we suddenly entered a park that we didn’t know was commemorating the day of AIDS. it was full of gay couples! My parents told us about everything that was happening, they explained that there are people born with other presences and then we left. Since that day I understood that there are people who are different from me and that does not make them bad. I thank my parents because instead of locking me in a world of trials and a bubble where everything is the same they let me see that the world is diverse.

In addition to this I am telling you, I also tell you that I am a Christian, that I go every Sunday to the church, that I share about God to almost all the people I know and even in my social networks I have openly had a prayer group where all the People who want to have a relationship with God are welcome. Jesus was criticized by the religious of his time why he was with prostitutes, lepers, tax collectors … for all the “bad” society of his time. Jesus was with those who needed him and exhorted those who were following the law and forgotten the most important thing: that God is love! I think there are things and truths that we will not know until we are in heaven and see how things are, but I know that the only language I want to see in my life is love.

I am a mom and I know that my children (because  I want more) may be different from the expectation I have from them, but I also know that I will love them the same, so I take care of my words in front of my son, because I want you to know that my love and Respect towards him will always be above everything. Since he is a person who is good, who does good, who seeks God, who respects us, respects his life and  the people around him, then I will be a proud mom! And I also think if I as a human with defects can love and accept like this, how will the love of God be towards us.

So in response to a 2-second jocular scene of the beauty and beast that is not horrible  at all  (a film made by Disney, experts in children’s entertainment) but that represents the difference. Should I take my child or not? Well I took him, I enjoyed it and Benjamin because it is too small to understand but if it had been bigger and he would have asked I would have answered and educated him on the subject. Why? Because  in my house I was taught that everything that is not spoken in the house from our values as a family will be learned in the street we do not know with what filter and values. In a world of so many possibilities, diversity and information is more important than ever, let the parents hold hands with our children and walk together, let us not hide but let us be Light and guide in everything! Let us work in the relationship with them so that they know that their parents are here to accompany them and educate them, not to judge them.



Carolina Ortiz
Carolina Ortiz
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