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Three moms that count on the doman Method.

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When Benjamin was 9 months old, I made a trip to Philly to the institutes for the achievement of human potential to a course that is called “how to multiply the intelligence of your baby”. The founder of the institute is Glenn Doman and is a method based on the neurological abilities of children and their tastes. From the beginning of the course until today I continue to do the method with Benjamin, not as proposed by the institute but adapting it to what works and not, however basing it on the bits it proposes, repetitions and content that is of Interest for the child. Click here for more information on the method. Thanks to this course we made the decision to do home education, although we are now planning to do it together with alternative education places where we can educate at home as well.

From my experience, I can say that the program seems wonderful because it promotes respect for the abilities of our children. As parents, we chose better content to show Benjamin, and the results are spectacular! Benjamin has a very extensive vocabulary, loves knowledge and books, relates many concepts and can understand complex concepts that later apply them to his life or a particular situation. However there is a part of the course that we had to leave because he did not like it, neither at 9 months nor at 2 years which was the part of math.

Today I have found other forms that attract him more and make it more interesting, but I am not going to lie to you, as I know that Benja has a preference for language, arts, science, geography and even culture … Mathematics or numbers He does not like for now. Speaking of this, another of the strengths that I see in the program is that I can know more my son. He knows many things that he likes, others that he does not care about and others that passionate him, and also I share my interests with him. This that allows him to meet who his mom is and what likes.

Since I shared my experience with the method, I want to share the experience of two other moms who apply it and have adapted it to their lives. I know them both and I know their children and I think their experiences are enriching.

Carolina Hernandez, Owner of the blog I love being a mom:

Two years ago I came home somewhat overwhelmed and questioned after visiting the Institutes for the. Development of Human Potential in Philadelphia. I felt that trying to apply the method to help enhance the intelligence of my children was very complex and that my lifestyle would not allow me to do it perfectly. I decided to adapt the method to our rhythm of life and not vice versa and focused on the central message of the course:

I made several decisions before I started:

1.Prepared word sets in advance

2. Practiced with my children two to three times a week

3. Never forced them to practice

4. The goal is not to know the capitals of all countries, let alone to be geniuses, the goal is to exercise the brain and to make associations and relationships more easily.

To begin with, I made several sets of words focusing on everyday things for my children: the names of family members, breakfast foods, parts of our house, body parts, farm animals, animals Of the jungle … and so we developed together sets of words that even they recommended me: superheroes, country names, Disney characters names, football teams, etc. After 6 months of using the words between two and three times a week, we began to develop bits of intelligence consisting of real images of different subjects. I also looked for themes that they passionated them like races of dogs and horses, flying objects, planets of the solar system.

Today, after two years using the method without aspiring to develop it with the demands proposed by the program, I can say that my children and I found a super fun way to learn. For them, it is a game and they even ask for it  “Mama, can we make words?” Or “Mama, can we see the sharks?” And I think that is the valuable thing.

My oldest son is 6 years old, that is to say, that he knew the method at 4 and is now very skilled with numbers, and I am convinced that the method beyond teaching to read develops other types of cognitive abilities that serve as tools for Facing the traditional educational system. My son is less than 3 years old, meaning he has known the method since he had one and now he loves books and reading ads on the street. It is likely that other children who have not experienced the Domann method will be proficient in math, liking books, or reading notices, but I believe that my children and the children whom their moms have brought them closer to knowledge without judgment and without expectations. Have a predisposition and a taste for learning, are not afraid of a notice or a sum, trust that they can do it and know how to say it openly when they are not able to read that advertising or to execute that sum.


We learned to enjoy the method, we did not carry it with the expectation that my children would read perfectly at an early age, nor did we set ourselves up as a boring task. What we like most about the method is that it gave me tools as a Mom to offer alternatives to my children, to learn from them, to propose activities and to spend quality time with them.

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This method has allowed me to realize that children are wonderful because they have an absolute capacity to absorb all information that is presented to them in a clear way! There is nothing more satisfying than to see how they are acquiring that love of knowledge.

It has also allowed me to get to know my son better in terms of his taste and create a beautiful bond between the two. He knows that through the game we can learn together because the method has also allowed me to learn a lot of things to detail that I did not know. I love it when she asks me “mom, and why?” Or it makes me understand that he wants to find out more about what I am giving him and to deepen a lot more, which means that it is not boring for him. Because in the end I always focus on his tastes and concerns.

This method allows you to be very attentive to your child, to observe him a lot and not to leave any doubt unresolved. It also allows you to participate in his education. Although we have chosen the traditional education, I love to be an active part of his learning, and realize That I can teach. We do the program in the free time and it is a very nice moment for both of us.

The way to present the information is a challenge as a mom. The best thing that has worked for me is to propose that we are going to play boats today and talk about boats or cars, there is a lot of conversation in our method, not just the words Or images quickly. I also respect his moments and there are days when we do not practice it because sometimes the day does not allow it, or his temperament or my lifestyle. But what if it is clear is that I love to teach him and he loves to learn!

This method connects you with your child and generates an absolute respect for that being, and I have seen that their self-esteem is also solid, as it has answers to many things and that makes you feel safe in many environments or with new people.

Here I leave you as I applied the method with Benjamin and the two videos of home education that I have shared.

Carolina Ortiz
Carolina Ortiz
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